The Fern Club Philosophy of Play

The Fern Club Philosophy of Play

The Fern Club Philosophy of Play

Play… where do we begin?

A topic which has been talked about, ripped apart, put back together and discussed a lot in present times. As a new parent myself I often ask myself “what kind of parent do I want to be?” and each time, I always come back to the same answer, “a playful one”. For those who really know me, they’ll see the silly, daft, goofy Lorna; laughing and generally trying to live in a positive way. I was once told at the end of job interview that I could “stop smiling now”, and it made me smile even more! I hope that as I’m bringing up my son I can instil those same positive playful values. Even now when I play, I learn. That’s what I hope The Fern Club can bring to you and your little ones too.

For a child, play really is their job. From a developmental perspective the benefits are so far reaching a blog post doesn’t really do it justice; you really need a whole book! I’ll list a few of my favourite benefits.


Play can help a child make sense of the world around them. It helps to manage fears and work out troubling situations.

Play can:

At The Fern Club, children (and parents) are encouraged to play. Really simple. When children play they gain confidence in themselves, they find their comfort zones and relax, a great starting point for opening the discussion for new topics of learning.

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