With The Fern Club I wanted to create a place where children feel safe and confident to learn, free from formal pressures of normal education. My aim is to help fuel each child’s natural inquisitive nature and give them a place to experience new activities they may otherwise not have access to. Each activity they try will give them a whole plethora of age appropriate benefits. The Fern Club classes won’t just benefit your child though, they’ll also give you the confidence to talk about and develop on the activities at home. Each station is set up with an info sheet to let you know what’s happening, what to expect, how to progress and how it benefits your child. I hope that you and your child will leave the classes with more skills, knowledge and a love for learning. 

I wanted the fern club to be a place for both parent and child to learn together. There’s unequivocal evidence to support parent involvement aiding to childrens later success. Having worked in a children’s sport company for nearly a decade, I’ve witnessed first hand the positive impacts of an engaged parent. I appreciate that for many parents it’s difficult to carve out an hour of the day to attend a class with a child, however if there’s a possibility to set aside chores or other commitments once a week I whole heartedly believe in the lasting benefits of learning together with your child. Together you become Learning Buddies and get to experience, explore and develop a love of learning to last a lifetime. 
Just yourselves, a camera and maybe a bottle of water? The children (and maybe you too) will be active during the class so will probably need a drink. And you’re more than welcome to take any photos. 
There will be messy activities involving paint and other materials each week, if you have an old tshirt or painting smock you’d like your little one to wear then of course feel free to bring them along. 
Now and then there might be things I’ll suggest you bring along, I’ll try to let you know with plenty of advance warning. 

Yes! I’ve done all the planning and preparation behind the scenes so when you arrive you can get down to the important stuff, playing, exploring and learning. Of course… I may forget things now and then (don’t we all from time to time) so if you have any ideas or suggestions let me know and I’ll do my best to incorporate them into class. Come talk to me during class, email me, call me or send me a message. 

Something they feel comfy in, easy to move around in and the ability to get their feet out if they want to. Sometimes skills will be easier with bare feet. Often I’ll do the class barefooted, it’s not essential for your little one to but if they want to, they can.

When you sign up for a block of classes you’ll initially choose your preferred venue. If you’re unable to make a class, just let me know and I’ll see where I have space on other days at other venues. At the moment we’re not able to offer multi-venue participation through the website but we hope to in the future. 

YES PLEASE! If Granny wants to come watch we’d love to meet her, and Grandpa too! In fact, hows about Granny comes to play too?
I can’t wait to create a class where the whole family is able to participate and learn together. 
Unfortunately not, you’re Learning Buddies at The Fern Club, that’s what makes us special. 
I know it goes against popular class trends; to drop and go, but here at The fern Club, you’re along for the ride too!