What is STEAM+M?

What is STEAMM?

Simply put it’s an acronym which stands for:


In the early 2000’s the National Science Foundation, introduced the concept of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) after a report detailing that students weren’t getting adequate schooling in the disciplines. It also found that educators weren’t knowledgeable enough in the STEM basics.

The STEAM approach (with the addition of art) has since branched out around the world with organisations, educational establishments and individuals coming together to provide training and classes to help the next generation. By addressing these gaps and failings in formal education, children now have access to a myriad of subjects with a more ranging depth of focus. STEAM education encourages hands on learning, thinking outside the “norm” and opens a dialogue for future inquiry. The educational pedagogy has been a resounding success with children, teens and adult learners. Encouraged to become thoughtful risk takers, working creatively alone and with others, develop a staying power in difficult situations and overall becoming more confident learners.

At The Fern Club we believe children learn best through movement. When they move, they experience the world around them in a full and vibrant way. STEAMM for us is the coming together of the brain and body helping children expand their inquisitive minds whilst moving those fantastic little bodies. Through movement children build the neural pathways ready for higher level thinking. What better way to experience the STEAM approach than by moving, exploring, adventuring, tinkering and being inquisitive.  

At The Fern Club you won’t find desks for sitting at, instead your little one will be encouraged to use their bodies to move and explore the activities set out. There will be opportunities for pure movement for the sake of movement, you’ll find gross and fine motor skill development through the traditional STEAM topics.  

Those who embrace the STEAMM education philosophy could well be the next great thinkers of the generation to come. Discovering new findings in the sciences, creating new technologies, collaboratively designing new feats of engineering and art and exploring new levels of mathematical genius. Let children be little, let them play, let them move and see where their incredible minds take them.