What is The Fern Club?

What is the Fern Club?

The Fern Club is the UK's First STEAMM inspired children’s Movement programme

For children aged 18 months to 7 years old we specialise in promoting a love for learning. Aiming to take away the pressures of formal education and encourage the child’s natural inquisitive playful self.

The Fern Club follows a tailor-made curriculum of classes; specific for each age group, focusing on a different weekly theme. During the class each parent and child will experience skills and activities appropriate for the child’s age. We explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths (STEAM) through movement (we call it STEAMM). By no means are we looking for “finished products”, we encourage children to explore and take the lead. For you the parents we give you the tools to help your child’s inquisitive mind flourish and to spot the benefits and learning in action.

We will show you the amazing benefits to your child’s motor skill, cognitive, social and emotional development throughout the class. Seemingly simple activities often have incredible benefits to your child’s whole brain development. The Fern Club teachers will highlight the learning moments and help you to spot them in the future.

Seeing a child’s achievements is wonderful, it’s also important to allow them to fail. Learning can take place in all circumstances and finding the positive in all eventualities is something we’re proud of in our teaching. From the most simple of fine motor skills to more complex cognitive challenges, children will be free to take their time and explore.

As a member of The Fern Club, you the parent, will be actively involved as your child experiences new and exciting opportunities. You’ll be right there with them as they achieve new skills and master new levels of thinking. Your job is to guide your child through the activities on offer. This could be lending a helping hand, trying something together, participating beside your child or simply standing back and letting them figure it out themselves. There will be a whole range of activities on offer, some will need your assistance, others will simply need you to watch and marvel at your little one discover something new. The only thing we ask of you is that you get involved and dedicate 1-unhurried-hour to your child.