What to Expect in The Fern Club Classes

What to Expect in The Fern Club Classes?

When you first arrive at a class the children will have 10 minutes to settle, have a go on the equipment and to get comfortable in their surroundings. During this time you can let your little ones go off and explore by themselves if they want to. Each week we’ll rotate our equipment so they’ll always have a new challenge but equally get chance to practise skills they may have experienced before. 
After the opening activities we’ll gather together to learn the theme of the week and find out a little about what to expect from the activities on offer. 
Then come the activities! Each week there will be 15-20 minutes to explore around the 5+ STEAMM activity stations set out. It isn’t compulsory to try all of them so don’t feel like you need to rush round. If your little one is settled at a specific station and is engaged then leave them to it… I’ll delve into these scenarios for parents more during the term (whether to leave a child to happily play or to gently pry them away to experience other activities)
The children will then have 15-20 minutes of movement fun related to the theme. Get them moving and those heart rates up! During this time there will be a mixture of teacher led games, obstacle courses, partner skills and individual movement play. As a parent it’s up to you whether you want to be involved during this time. Equally great for social development with other children or time for you as a family to get moving! 
Before the class finishes there will be 10 minutes for the children to go explore on anything they choose; any opening activity equipment, and activity stations or motor skills. Perhaps there’s been something they missed or something they particularly enjoyed and want to go back to. 
Phew! What an action packed class!