Who is The Fern Club?

I am Lorna

and I am the Founder of The Fern Club

A mom of 1 wonderful boy, wife to a fab husband, nature lover, child development geek, sportswoman and life enthusiast.

My degree in Psychology and Educational Development led me to a love of studying child development. Since then I have spent almost a decade in a child development sports programme role, teaching children and parents the importance of movement and its connection to later learning.

The Fern Club was always a dream, a place for parents and children to experience a natural, pressure free approach to learning. Over the years I’ve immersed myself in studies, blogs, videos, movies and an avid reader of books on the developmental stages of children. Slowly I began to formulate a framework for The Fern Club; which places the child and parent at the heart of inspired mutual learning.

The Fern Club provides a nurturing safe place to promote a love of lifelong learning for your child and confidence for you as a fantastic parent. It really is a tough job but one we all love and wouldn’t change. With the skills learnt at The Fern Club, these wonderful little people will have the tools and tricks to continue to develop their inquisitive natures into later life.

The philosophy behind The Fern Club is to create a space for children to learn in a gentle way, at their own pace and free from judgement, grades or targets. By simply enjoying the process, expanding on what they enjoy they will look forward to the next opportunity to experience something new and naturally refine their skills further.

Having taught children from 4 months old, I have seen first hand the importance and impact of an engaged and supportive parent. Children thrive when they’re able to experience new situations, take healthy risks and learn through success and failures. I see the parents role at The Fern Club as one of a learning partner to their child. To be actively engaged in their child’s experience.

I hope this journey is one of excitement, enthusiasm and above all, playful fun!


Here’s to the next big adventure,



Founder of The Fern Club